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About Us

At Primeleed Solutions, we specialise in delivering cost-effective, adaptive back-office business solutions that serve as the foundation for growth and development in today's dynamic business environment. Building on the legacy of Primeleed Limited, where we provide comprehensive support for students including University application guidance, resource access, and personalised assistance. Primeleed Solutions is committed to empowering organisations. Our dedicated team of experienced advisors is here to support your journey towards success, regardless of your background.

At primeleed solutions, we are committed to….

What We Do

Our Services

Call Center Solutions

Connect seamlessly with your clients through Primeleed's efficient call handling and communication tools.


Boost your revenue with data-driven sales strategies and powerful funnel optimisation.


Ignite brand awareness and engagement with PrimeSpark's creative marketing solutions.

Data Management

Safeguard your data with robust security and organised management systems.

Website Maintenance

Keep your online presence thriving with Primeleed's comprehensive website maintenance services.

Finance Management

Achieve financial stability and control with Primeleed's expert guidance and tools.

Operations Solutions

Sync your processes for seamless efficiency and streamlined workflows.

Data Protection Act Adherence

Primeleed ensures data security and compliance with UK regulations.

Service Standards

Shield your brand reputation with unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.


Marketing Firm in the Education Industry


Client base


Services Offered

Primeleed Solutions is more than just an outsourcing story. They're a testament to the power of collaboration, resourcefulness, and a shared passion for education.

Primeleed Solutions UK and Primeleed Solutions Sri Lanka is a subsidiary company of
Primeleed UK and Primeleed Sri Lanka.


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Shared Passion
  • Don Sandaruwan Perera Goonathillake
    Co-Founder - Primeleed (PVT) LTD Sri Lanka

    We didn't just build an outsourcing company, we built a bridge. A bridge that connects Sri Lankan talent and UK education, paving the way for brighter futures for students and institutions alike.

  • Srinaath Anbalagan
    Co-Founder - Primeleed (PVT) LTD Sri Lanka

    With 25 passionate individuals by our side, we've generated over £16 million for UK universities. It's not just about numbers, it's about the impact we make. Every student who gets accepted, every life transformed, is a testament to the power of collaboration and dedication.

  • Navin Balasubramaniam
    Co-Founder - Primeleed (PVT) LTD Sri Lanka

    Outsourcing isn't just about cost-cutting, it's about finding the best partners. Primeleed UK found that partner in us. We're not just an extension of their team, we're their bridgehead in Sri Lanka, fueled by a shared passion for education and a commitment to excellence.

Why Us

Primeleed is more than just an outsourcing solution. We're your trusted partner for success. Contact us today and let's take your business to new heights!

Benchmark and beyond

Client Benchmarks Met and Exceeded: Proven Excellence in Business Process Outsourcing. We don't just meet your goals, we exceed them. Our proven track record in BPO ensures your business processes are optimized for maximum efficiency and results, tailored to your specific benchmarks and exceeding expectations.

4 Years Strong, Data Safe

With four years of BPO expertise under our belt, we're the trusted partner you need to navigate the ever-evolving landscape. Your data is our priority, protected by UK data protection regulations and robust security measures. We're your champion for success, every step of the way.

Deadlines Crushed, Visions Realized

Deadlines are just starting points for us. We go beyond mere task completion, collaborating with you to understand your vision and turn it into reality. Our commitment to partnership ensures every project aligns with your goals and fuels your success.

Smart Systems, Skilled Teams

We don't believe in trade-offs. Our smart systems and skilled teams deliver both high-quality work and impressive volume, never compromising one for the other. We leverage cutting-edge technology and continuous training to ensure exceptional service, every time.

Investing in People, Delivering Excellence

Our people are our greatest asset. We invest heavily in continuous training and performance management systems to ensure every member of our team is equipped to deliver exceptional service. This commitment to our people translates into the Primeleed advantage: unparalleled quality and dedication for your business.