Meet the Team

Don Sandaruwan Perera Goonathillake


Don Sandaruwan is an experienced professional with over 17 years of extensive expertise in the field of business process outsourcing. His wealth of
experience and proficiency in this field positions him as a pivotal asset, capable of driving significant and progressive impacts within any organisation. Don's track record is marked by excellence, reflecting his commitment to delivering top-tier outsourcing solutions. As a leader within our team, his skills and insights contribute to the success and efficiency of our outsourcing endeavours. His comprehensive understanding of diverse business domains, combined with his meticulous approach to project management, underscores his role as an invaluable leader. His presence further emphasises our organisational commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Srinaath Anbalagan


Bringing over 12 years of dynamic expertise to our team, Srinaath Anbalagan excels in marketing and business process outsourcing. His role is enriched by proficiency in project management, customer relations, and data management, making a significant contribution to team success and efficiency. With a proven track record of exceptional performance and a strategic mindset, Srinaath stands as a valuable asset for any team striving for
excellence in the continually evolving business landscape.

Navin Balasubramaniam


Navin is a qualified professional with over 13 years of diverse expertise. He has evolved from his background in interior design to excel in the field of business process outsourcing. His proficiency extends across project management, marketing, customer relations, and data management, reflecting a wealth of knowledge and adaptability in various roles. Navin’s expertise in business process outsourcing positions him as a valuable asset, ready to lead significant advancements and innovation within any organisation.

  • Don Sandaruwan Perera Goonathillake
    Co-Founder - Primeleed (PVT) LTD Sri Lanka

    We didn’t just build an outsourcing company, we built a bridge. A bridge that connects Sri Lankan talent and UK education, paving the way for brighter futures for students and institutions alike.

  • Srinaath Anbalagan
    Co-Founder - Primeleed (PVT) LTD Sri Lanka

    With 25 passionate individuals by our side, we’ve generated over £16 million for UK universities. It’s not just about numbers, it’s about the impact we make. Every student who gets accepted, every life transformed, is a testament to the power of collaboration and dedication.

  • Navin Balasubramaniam
    Co-Founder - Primeleed (PVT) LTD Sri Lanka

    Outsourcing isn’t just about cost-cutting, it’s about finding the best partners. Primeleed UK found that partner in us. We’re not just an extension of their team, we’re their bridgehead in Sri Lanka, fueled by a shared passion for education and a commitment to excellence.