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What are the benefits for a organization from Outsourcing their Business?

Before answering your question, I would like to say that this is a win win situation for both our organizations,

As an example, at the moment we are generating a revenue of 16 million pounds+ for a year only to our main 3 partnered universities in the UK as an outsource result of their sales, marketing and university admissions with around 30 well trained staff members in Sri Lanka.

Benefits for Us

• First, I would like to start with Sri Lanka’s literacy rate which is more than 92%, and specially is Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo where our office is located, the literacy rate is 99% but the cost of labor is lesser comparing to UK. Also, I would like to mention you that majority of our targeted work force in Colombo are graduates.
• We make profit from the labor cost differences in the UK and Sri Lanka, but also you have to note that the entire difference is not our profit as we have a massive over heads to make your expectation in to a reality.

Benefits for the client

• For every 5 employee you recruit from us you will get 1 well trained team leader to oversee their work, productivity and trainings for free.
• You will be assigned with a dedicated 2 Account Managers, 1 in the UK and 1 in Sri Lanka.
• All of your employees will also be managed by our dedicated HR and Finance team.
• If you do not have a proper CRM system to manage your operations, we will guide and customize a CRM system (Zoho CRM) according to your requirements for free.
• If your expectation is 5 or 6 staff members, regardless of the circumstances we will make sure that there will be your expected staff number at any given time.
• Working extra hours for your requirement is not a barrier for us.
• We are registered with the UK data protection act.
• Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports will be provided according to your requirement.
• Most importantly, according to your advert your expectation is staff with their secondary education maybe with no previous work experience but from Primeleed Solutions we can make sure that all the staff we provide has secondary education also we can make sure the majority of the staff members are graduates with previous work experience.
• Every staff member is equipped with advanced lap tops and other equipment.
• There are many more advantages you have when you choose Primeleed Solutions and most importantly there is no starting cost. You pay us in the same way you pay for your own employee, weekly or monthly after they do they contribution.